Jonathan Sacerdoti has worked as a consultant development producer and writer for TV production companies, developing factual, entertainment, and reality TV formats. His experience spans from specialist factual programmes through to comedy quiz shows and studio shows. He has developed ideas for all the major UK broadcasters, as well as the National Geographic Channel (USA), Lifetime (USA) and other leading American stations.



Greatest Britons / Britain's Best
(ITV1, awards show)

A star-studded award ceremony, Greatest Britons recognised the most creative and successful people from across the UK who have achieved worldwide fame within their professional fields. Produced in association with The Sun newspaper, the frist live event featured the cream of film, television, the arts, business, sport, social responsibility and fashion. Winners included Amy Winehouse, Ricky Gervais, Dame Helen Mirren, David Beckham and artist Banksy. Developed and formatted the idea from conception through to commission.

Football Saved My Life
(Bravo, reality series) Granada

Reality series fronted by Neil Ruddock, combining football and therapy for overweight, angry, heavy-drinking men. Screentested and cast the team of experts appearing throughout the series, and worked on structuring the format episode by episode, taking the project through to successful commission.

My Childhood
(BBC Three, 7 x 60') Endemol UK

Conceived and developed this original psychotherapy-based format, and did pre-production casting and celebrity booking for the series, which was Endemol’s first ever Specialist Factual commission for the BBC.

Each episode follows a celebrity with a known history of personal issues, as they meet regularly with a psychotherapist. They also return to their childhood home, confronting and revisiting their early experiences, so as to better understand their adult personality.


Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares
(Channel 4 / Fox) Optomen

Manipulated documentary series where Gordon Ramsay turns around the fortunes of failing restaurants in the UK. Prepared and wrote the production bible for this format, facilitating worldwide format sales. The format has now been turned into a hit show on Fox in America. In the UK, the programme won an International Emmy for Best Non-Scripted Entertainment, UK in 2006, and was nominated for two BAFTAs and two National Television Awards.


Gordon Ramsay's F Word
(C4, weekly entertainment / cookery show) Optomen

Developed this returning format as part of the original, small team working to create the UK's bestfood magazine show. A vehicle for celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, the show was described as "Top Gear for food", with the format combining chat show elements with cookery and challenges. designed to appeal to a broad audience of men and women. This highly successful format has now run for several series on Channel 4.

Date My Mom
(MTV, USA and MTV UK) Princess Productions

Wrote the paper format of this reality gameshow, where each episode, one brave guy goes on a date with three moms. The guy then decides which of the moms' daughters will be the right love match for him, without even seeing so much as a photograph of the girls themselves. Commissioned for both UK and US versions.

The New Ten Commandments
(Channel 4, 1 x 2 hour religion special) Optomen

A modern list show about morality. At the heart of the programme was a YouGov poll which tests the morality of our society, finding out what really matters to modern Britons. From this survey we created a series of 'new commandments' for viewers to vote on.


You’re Not The Man I Married
(Lifetime, 13 x 30’ reality format) Optomen

Host Shayla Rivera brings wedded bliss back to some discouraged wives. Rivera challenges America's married men to resurrect the caring and romantic 'Prince Charmings' they once were. Through a variety of comedic tasks and unpredictable twists, Rivera will get these guys off the couch and on the front line, fighting to show their neglected wives just how much they still care.

Spirituality Shopper
(Channel 4, 3 x 60’ religion format series) Optomen

Part of the small team casting presenters for this 'pick and mix' religion programme, where members of the public experienced rituals from various religions in order to help them gain a level of spirituality in their lives.

Back To Reality
(five, 2 x nightly for 3 weeks) Princess Productions

Stars of previous reality series live together in a luxury mansion with the aim of winning the coveted title of 'most popular reality TV star ever' and the chance to donate 75,000 to their favourite charity. Each day the least popular is sent 'Back To Reality'. Worked on development of the format and contributed to treatments during the pitching process.

Ruby Does The Business
(BBC3, 4 x 60') Princess Productions

Worked on the development of this factual Ruby Wax business format.

Bump & Grind
(Trouble TV, 3 series, 20 x 30') Princess Productions

Worked on entire development process from conception through to commission, including complex series and competition structure. This talent show for dancers was Trouble TV's first and biggest reality talent contest, and run for three series.

Totally Top Trumps
(Challenge TV, 20 x 30') Princess Productions

Comedy game show, based on the classic card game, Top Trumps.

How Much Am I Worth?
(five, pilot 1 x 60') Princess Productions

Lifestyle feature format where families sell everything they own in order to discover how much they are worth, and then search for the best new life that their money can buy them.

Little Monsters
(Sky One, 10 x 60’) Princess Productions

Game show where five real-life Bart Simpsons have control over the fate of a group of five adults. The boys get to decide what the adults have to do to amuse and entertain them for the day, with the worst one being eliminated each round.

Blood Under The Carpet
(five, 1 x 60') Princess Productions

Imagine buying a house only to find out that a serial killer once cut up eight of his victims in the kitchen. In Blood Under The Carpet we meet the people who live where others have died. Conducted specialist research sourcing homes where murders had taken place.

How to be a Superflirt
(five, 1 x 60’) Princess Productions

Hour long special for Five in which Tracey Cox (of BBC2's Would Like to Meet and the best-selling author of Hot Sex: How To Do It) explains the secrets of successful flirting.

Office Monkey
(ITV2, 2 series, 9 x 30’) Princess Productions

Hidden camera gameshow where two members of offices around the country have to disrupt their work places in the funniest ways possible. The winner gets a holiday, and the right to call themselves 'Office Monkey'.

Here is an example of voiceover work from a non broadcast pitch tape for Deal or No Deal, before its UK commission:

Recent clients include Endemol UK, Crystal Entertainment, ITV Productions (Granada), Shine, ORTV, and Tigress Productions.


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